• Every card can only gain levels (and thus HitPoints and Attack) through reinforcing.
  • The cards used for the reinforcing is lost and the card being reinforced gains levels or part of a level.
  • The greater the rarity of the card being used for the reinforcing, the more effective it is.
  • The more cards being used for reinforcing in 1 go, the more effective the result. (i.e. You gain more by reinforcing with 2 cards in one go than you do by reinforcing 1 card twice.)
  • Reinforcing with cards of the same element type as the target is more effective than with other element types.

Basically, reinforce using as many cards of the same element type as the target card as possible for the best possible result.

Reinforcing Bonus (Under Construction)Edit


Number of cardsEdit

Element TypesEdit

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