Wood Pixie
Image (1)
Creature Information
Element Earth
Rarity ★-★★
Max Level 20-30
Skill None

The Reanimated Shaman is a common-Uncommon earth elemental Skeletal card. This card has no special skills.


The Reanimated Shaman was once a mortal who tried to cheat death, but his spell backfired and separated his soul from his body. Now his soulless body is destined to wander aimlessly across the land.

Evolution Stage: 1Edit

Reanimated Shaman

Atk: 281

Rarity: Common

Evolution Stage: 2Edit

Reanimated Shaman 1



Atk: 415

Rarity: Common

Evolution Stage: 3Edit

Reanimated Shaman 2

Atk: 478

Rarity: Common

Evolution Stage: 4Edit

Reanimated Shaman 3

Atk: 554

Rarity: Uncommon

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