The Hill Giant is a Uncommon-Rare earth elemental Giant card. It has no special skills.

Hill Giant
Creature Information
Element Earth
Rarity ★★-★★★
Max Level 30-50
Skill None


Emerging from the depths of the earth, the Hill Giant's crystalline exterior makes it near impossible to break through.

Evolution Stage: 1Edit

Hill Giant 1
HP: 560

Atk: 299

Rarity: Uncommon

Evolution Stage: 2Edit

Hill Giant 2
HP: 772

Atk: 440

Rarity: Uncommon

Evolution Stage: 3Edit

Hill Giant 3
HP: 895

Atk: 495

Rarity: Uncommon

Evolution Stage: 4Edit

Hill Giant 4
HP: 1,019

Atk: 544

Rarity: Rare

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